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Syracuse International Film & Video Festival 2005

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 19, 2004, 10:10 a.m.

Our 2005 call for entries is now open!


Please submit your Narrative, Documentary, Animated or Experimental films or videos for the following categories:

Feature Length
Any film or video 61 minutes or longer.

Mid Length
Any film or video between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Any film or video under 30 minutes.

Any film or video under 20 minutes produced by kids grades 6 - 12.

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

Press Kits and a 50-150 word synopsis must be included with all submissions, in addition to paper press kits, press kits on CD or data DVD will also be accepted provided included artwork is suitable for reproduction in print. Works which do not include a press kit will not be considered. The press kit may be as elaborate as you like but must include at a minimum, a synopsis of the film and at least two stills or production stills in addition to any packaging, one-sheets or collateral materials.

Any film or video maker may enter the festival, including College or University film or video artists. There are two special sidebars in the festival. One for films and videos produced by kids from 6th to 12th grades. The other for Central New York film and video artists. To qualify, an artist must be a native of Central New York residing elsewhere, presently reside in Central New York, or have received his/her education there. Cash prizes up to $1,000 are awarded in the following categories: Feature Fiction, Short Fiction, Feature Documentary, Short Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Best Editing, Best Director, Central New York, Asian, Latin American, European, African, Middle Eastern, and North American. Cash prizes up to $500 are awarded for films/videos by Kids, and films/videos for Kids. Additional prizes may be given in areas to be determined based on the types of entries received. Festival and recognition categories are determined by origin, genre, craft and issues. Other films/videos may be recognized by special awards or citations.

Entrants whose work has been accepted will be notified by or around February 01, 2005. The festival only notifies entrants whose work has been accepted for exhibition.

Completion Date:
Projects are eligible if they were completed after January 01, 2003

I am posting here to especially encourage computer-based work for the expiramental and animation sections. This could be 3d, Flash, Processing, Max/Msp, programming based - whatever.
I'm on the pre-screening committee, so i can tell you we are really looking for things that are new/cutting edge/not mainstream.

be sure to visit the website for more information.

-Doug Easterly