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François Quévillon - L'atomisation du temps - Elektra 12

  • Location:
    Occurrence, 5277 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 4G9, CA

L'atomisation du temps (The Atomization of Time) draws together images, videos and media installations that use the matrix structure of the digital image to visualize spatiotemporal phenomena. Retracing events lasting between one hour and one year, each representation is the result of a process in which pixels have individually captured fragments of successive moments. This temporal dislocation operation generates stratigraphic images which reveal the randomness, rhythms, intensities and transitory moments of a reality in constant flux.


The exhibition also includes 3D Point Clouds related to a work in progress. In the interactive installation Nébuleuses urbaines, these photogrammetric 3D models of urban spaces will be transformed according to the fluctuation of environmental data captured in real time on the Web.


In the works shown at Occurrence, the pixels of images and the points of 3D environments are used as space-time units in order to translate the variability of environmental conditions as well as the threshold of perception, the vague area where «noise» becomes a source of information.


5277 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
H2V 4G9
Tuesday - Saturday, 12PM to 5PM.
Friday, 12PM to 8PM.

View exhibition pictures here.