Glacier Residency: Michael J Schumacher Performs | 21 & 22 May 2011

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    SoundFjord, Unit 3b - Studio 28, 28 Lawrence Road, London, Greter London, N15 4ER, GB

SoundFjord | Glacier Residency - Michael J Schumacher Performs | 21 & 22 May 2011
For those of you in or visiting London this weekend…
We are extremely honoured to have not only an accomplished composer and respected performer and installation artists in our midst, but also the founder of Diapason, NYCs sound art space! Michael J Schumacher will be gracing our four walls by presenting an unusually intimate performance on 21st and 22nd May.  
Since 1996, Schumacher has pioneered, first at his downtown gallery Studio Five Beekman and, since 2000, at Diapason Gallery located in midtown, sound art in New York City, by giving over 150 artists the opportunity to present, in environments with high quality multi-channel sound systems and free of outside noise, cutting edge installations with sound as their focus. He has produced premieres by David Behrman, David First, Tetsu Inoue, Ron Kuivila, Steve Roden, Marina Rosenfeld and Stephen Vitiello, to name a few.  
Michael will be with us a mere two days, however he will perform Glacier, a 79-minute surround-sound composition using field recordings made during a stay in Nederland, Colorado, near Glacier Lake.
Additional sounds on the work include Anthony Burr's clarinet, Michael Moser on cello, Shelley Burgon on harp, Jane Rigler on flute and Michael playing synths, piano and guitar. The piece was originally conceived as a generative installation. Part of the piece was used as music to Fred Worden's film Possessed, which premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2010.
Tickets are available here for 7GBP: (21st) (22nd)
They will be available online until Saturday am and Sunday am respectively.
Tickets will be available at the door.
Unit 3b - Studio 28
28 Lawrence Road
London N15 4ER
Time: 8-late (Doors from 7:40pm)
Refreshment will be available
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We hope to see you at this highly anticipated, unusual UK performance from Michael, and hope you'll share a few drinks with us too!
The SoundFjord Team
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