Marco Donnarumma Augmented Media Performance @ WRO Biennale 13th May

  • Location:
    The Grotowosky Institute, Wroclaw, Poland, PL

I Cntrl Nature | Audiovisual concert for augmented electric bass guitar, self-designed software and butterfly
I Cntrl Nature (Marco Donnarumma, 2009) is an unambiguous, synesthetic action of audiovisual improvisation.The live act represents the sarcastic celebration of the human instinct finally able to govern the nature. The improvised body gestures of the performer sculpt in real-time the soundscape and the moving images. The living creature on the screen reacts to the movements of the performer on stage in a mutual agreement and attraction.
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The WRO Biennal is the leading international forum for new media art in Poland and Central Europe.
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