Sculpt me, if you have an IPhone!

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Dear friends,

I'm glad to let you know, is available the IPhone's APP of my
interactive video sculpture: "The virtual Prigione”. To download the
free APP, just connect your IPhone to the Apple Store of your country and search for "V Prigione". Links: US Store, Ita store.


“The virtual Prigione” APP for IPhone, is an interactive portrait
video-sculpture inspired by the concept of  the latest “unfinished”
sculptures of Michelangelo, named “Prigioni.” The App is dynamic and
interactive, the user can sculpt it just using the finger as a chisel.
"The virtual Prigione" represents various states of being. The
spectator can choose to liberate the sculpture from the marble (using
chisel as -) and its dependence material, so the body-statue
sublimates and the marble becomes virtual idea. Or the user can also
choose to imprison the statue into the marble (using chisel as +),
bringing it to the primordial state where the
mass has a simple geometric figure.

Best regards, Chiara

Chiara Passa (ita.)