RECLAIM the MIND Friction Research Issue #4, Summer 2011

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RECLAIM the MIND Friction Research Issue #4, Summer 2011
Reclaim the Mind, a trans-medial collaborative initiative exploring empty
spots in the human mind
In our call for submissions 28 September, 2010, we have invited artists,
writers and academics to contribute to our call for works and to submit
works, which reflects upon 'Reclaiming the Mind', in a broader sense,
ranging from visuals, videos, musics, essays etc …
"When the possibility of expressing social reform vanishes, time has
come to change our minds. [A.A. 2010]"
Censorship, Territorization, Mapping, Propaganda, Misconduct, Betrayal,
Charlatanism, Mediocrity, Commercialized Education, Orthodoxy, Cultural
Lobotomization, Zombie State Politics
Reclaiming the idiomatic resources, abused by the Creative Industries ™
and jeopardized by a majority of National Governments© and aiming to
protect these sovereign incomprehensible treasures of mankind through
- occupying the area between 'reality' and 'truth',
- re-using forgotten (collective) memory-spaces,
- connecting mental processes with physical spaces,
and intentionally breaking separations between established cultural and
political domains by
- rewriting, tearing apart, scratching and stretching our lived
environment in an effort to liberate our ursurpated sensibilities.
Listed individuals and collectives answered our call and will be published
in in the Summer 2011 issue of Nictoglobe Online Magazine as part of our
'Friction Research Series'

  • Due to a lack of financial support from governmental organizations, the
    issue is postponed until a later to be decided time.
    We apologize not being able to publish all these valuable contributions by
    april 21 , but are convinced that we will find a way to publish them
    If any of the readers have suggestions how to raise funds or how to print
    for a very small fee, please do not hesitate to contact me
    It will take some time to sort out and prepare the final presentation of
    these great and divers submissions from a significant number of
    individuals and collectives who generously shared their efforts and thoughts
    In preparation are two separately planned series of public screenings of
    the substantial number of time/screen/lens based works received, due
    summer and autumn 2011

    Andreas Maria Jacobs
    Editor / Curator
    List of contributors:
    Derek Larson, Ian Page, Joseph Nechvatal, Tamar Schori, Sally Grizell
    Larson, f? r, Nandita Kumar, Larry Caveney, Patrick Millard, Lydia Moyer,
    Alice Thickett, Mauri Lethonen, Talia Link, Stefan Adamski, Mercedes
    Mestas Suarez, Chris Mann, IOCOSO, Cornelius Onitsch, Sarah Boothroyd,
    Jeremy Hight, L.C. von Sukmeister, Saskia Korsten, Odon Wirgin, Emily
    Schleiner,Stefan Riebel,Aaron Oldenburg,Peter Hoffmeister,Fredrik de
    Lemeh42,Morehshin Allahyari,Tina Willgren,Simeona Petkova,Ellen Lake,Kama
    Sokolnicka,Simon Mclennan,Jonathan Marshall,osvaldo cibils,Heather
    Dewey-Hagborg,Mark Cooly,The Memelab,Tilman Kuentzel,Paolo Cirio,Philip
    Stearns, Curt Cloninger,
    Josh EklowStephan Ausherman,
    Nettrice Gaskins,Mariusz Soltysik,Andy Deck,Ivan Solynanov,Robert Spahr
  • list is not definitive and subject to change

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