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Low Lives 3

  • Location:
    HeadSpace, 1-7-10 Kunimi Cho, Saidaiji, Nara City, Nara Prefecture, 631-0823, JP

Low Lives 3
International Live Networked
Performance Event Comes to Headspace, Nara, Japan in partnership with the
temporary space.
Event Dates in Nara, Japan:
April 30, 2011 |  9 am – 1 pm | Live Streaming & SaBa’s
performance at HeadSpace
May    1, 2011 |  4 am – 7 am | Viewing available
on the Internet
+ Dates above are in Japan
Standard Time (JST)
+ Free admission
For viewing: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/low-lives-3

1-7-10 Kunimi Cho, Saidaiji, Nara
City, Nara Prefecture, 631-0823, Japan
the temporary space is
pleased to announce its participation in Low
Lives 3
, an international exhibition of live performance-based works
transmitted over the web and projected in real-time at multiple venues around
the world.
the temporary space in partnership
with Headspace will host SaBa (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker) for a live
performance piece as part of Low Lives 3.
SaBa’s performance, along with others taking place around the
globe, will be streamed online and screened for public viewing at Headspace,
Nara, Japan. The exact time and schedule of the event in Japan will be
announced soon. So, please check our websites for more details The admission is
free. We would like to invite participants for the SaBa’s project/performance.
Please come visit us!
Low Lives: www.lowlives.net/
SaBa: http://sabaisnotafish.com/
the temporary space: www.thetemporaryspace.com
HeadSpace: www.headspace.jp/en/
About Low Lives
Founded in 2009 by artist and
independent curator Jorge Rojas, the annual Low Lives exhibition highlights works that critically investigate,
challenge, and extend the potential of performative practices. The
project celebrates the transmission of ideas beyond geographical and cultural
borders, offering global audiences the opportunity to consider live performance
in both physical and virtual space.
By organizing performances at
numerous venues and then broadcasting them via online networks, Low Lives provides a new model for
efficiently presenting, viewing, and archiving live performance-based art. The
annual exhibition embraces low-tech aesthetics, such as low pixel images and
muddled sound quality, to emphasis the raw, inquisitive quality of the
broadcast and reception of the works.
Low Lives is not simply about the presentation of performative
gestures at a particular place and time,” Rojas explains, “it is also about the
transmission of these moments and what gets lost, conveyed, blurred, and
reconfigured when utilizing this medium.”
About Low Lives 3
Low Lives 3 will feature more than fifty live performances
over two days, streamed in real-time at venues across the globe, and will
include a spotlight on contemporary choreography throughout the exhibition
program. The event will begin on Friday, April 29 from 6-10 pm (MST) and
continue on Saturday, April 30 from 1-4 pm (MST).
Low Lives 3 is co-produced by Chez Bushwick, an artist-run
organization based in Brooklyn, New York. Chez Bushwick is dedicated to the
advancement of interdisciplinary art and performance and places a special
emphasis on new choreography.  
Participating artists include:
Annie Abrahams
Lukas Avendaño
Brian Balderston and Chloe Bass
Camille Baker
Tzitzi Barrantes
Rachelle Beaudoin
Black & Jones
Caroline Boileau
Catherine Cabeen and Company
Jennifer Chan
Tyrone Davies
Joseph DeLappe
Alfred Dong
Nancy Douthey
Julie Fotheringham and Jarryd
Second Front
Deborah Goffe
Carlos Gonzalez
Katelena Hernandez
Ajeesh K.B., Santhosh V.S., and
Hemabharathy Palani
Jayson Keeling
La La La Singers
Shaun El C. Leonardo
Anya Liftig
Kristin Lucas
James Mbunju and Company
Saul Melman
Marcello Mercado
Jui Mhatre and Jaee Joshi
Julio Morales
Irvin Morazan and Maya Jeffereis
Kendall Nordin
Molly O'Connor/Molliver
So Percussion
Marisol Salanova
Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann
Byd Sarret
Jenny Schlief
Carmen Sober
Alan Sondheim
Nathan Stevens
Zornitsa Stoyanova
Channel Two
Frans van Lent
Claude van Lingen
Ginna Vélez
Rodell Warner
Ian Warren
Dr. Heather Warren-Crow
Rebecca Weiner
Paul Wiersbinski.
Now in its third year, Low Lives has expanded its reach to over
twenty presenting partners from all corners of the world.
Presenting partners include:
Alice Yard, Port of Spain,
Trinidad and Tobago
Aljira, A Center for Contemporary
Art, Newark, New Jersey
Attakalari Centre for Movement
Arts, Bangalore, India
Center for Performance Research,
Brooklyn, New York
Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Co-lab, Austin, Texas
QMAD, Queens Media Art Development
in partnership with Crossing Art Gallery, Queens, New York
Diaspora Vibe Gallery in partnership
with AE District, Miami, Florida
DiverseWorks in partnership with
Box 13, Houston, Texas
Elon University Department of Art
& Art History, Elon, North Carolina
Fusebox Festival, Austin, Texas
Konic Thtr, Barcelona, Spain
La Periferia, Mérida, Yucatán,
La Perrera in partneship with
MACO, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca,
Oaxaca, México
Living Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mascher Space Co-op, Philadelphia,
Mindpirates, Berlin, Germany
Obsidian Arts, Minneapolis,
On the Boards, Seattle, Washington
Portland Institute for Contemporary
Art, Portland, Oregon
Real Art Ways, Hartford,
Simba Theatre Art International in
partnership with Village Museum, Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania
SOMArts, San Francisco, California
the temporary space in partnership
with Headspace, Japan
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt
Lake City, Utah.
Low Lives 3 is funded in part by The Experimental Television
Funds program. The Experimental Television Center’s Presentation Funds program is
supported by the New York State Council on the Arts.
For more information, please
visit www.lowlives.net
About Jorge Rojas
Jorge Rojas is the founder,
producer, and curator of Low Lives. A
multidisciplinary artist and independent curator, he was born in Morelos,
Mexico and studied art at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and at
Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Rojas engages in traditional,
new, and performative media. His work often investigates communication systems
and the effect of technology on artistic production, social structures, and
communities. His artwork and curatorial projects have been exhibited in
galleries and museums in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and India. Rojas
has received grants and fellowships including National Performance Network’s
VAN Residency, West Chicago City Museum Artist in Residency Program, and
Vermont Studio Center.
About Saba (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker)
is a series of collaborative
projects created by Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker. Currently based in
Nara-ken Japan, Sam and Barry develop interactive work inspired by a variety of
media ranging from Japanese television and history to internet memes and game
the Low Lives 3 exhibition, SaBa has created a game space that merges
consumerism and aggression with art history and headbanging. The result is a
game performance where the player becomes part of the spectacle and a place
where groceries fly freely.
About Headspace
HeadSpace is an artist’s studio and
gallery, sitting atop an intimate shot bar in Nara City at the heart of ancient
Japan. HeadSpace’s mission is to bring artists and writers of a wide range of
creative disciplines and cultural backgrounds together for the mutual benefit
of all involved. We offer artists the opportunity to create new connections,
collaborate in unexpected ways, and become part of our growing artist’s
network. Artists can display their artwork at the Studio and on this website,
allowing them to disseminate their work to our Japanese and international
audience, both here in Japan, and across the world. Being an artist in Japan
can be challenging at times. HeadSpace is here to support artists by providing
the network, advice, and space needed to realize their goals.

About the temporary space
the temporary space is a project space shared by self-motivated, critical and engaging
individuals through research and experiments for emergence of alternative and
autonomous society. the temporary space seeks engaging, responsible and
creative individuals as a collaborative and autonomous participant. the
temporary space aims to create and share critically engaging experiences such
as contemporary art exhibitions, experimental music performances, critical
visual critiques and publicly engaging projects as basic components. In
addition to this, focusing on interdisciplinary practices, the temporary space
explores different topics and subjects by research and experiment, as well as
by dialogues and discussions. These projects are expected to realize through collaborative
efforts by the collaborative participants.

− Jorge
Rojas, Low Lives Founder, Producer, Curator, keoqui@gmail.com,
− the
temporary space, Manager, manager@thetemporaryspace.com
   +81-90-3879-9658 (Japan)
− HeadSpace,