Click Stream Analysis


At the Museo Laboratoria di Arte Contemporanea
Universita di Roma “La Sapienza” piazzale Aldo Moro, 5
00185 Rome – Italia

02/10/2002 - 25/10/2002

The exhibition presents 10 fairly wellknown sites of, from Marc Napier’s “Potatoland” to Vuc Cosic’s “History”, Marcello Mazzella’s “Bodydrome”, or Akane Asaoka’s “Planetarium”. But the objective is not only to present some representative pieces of to the Roman public, but also to explore new ways of presenting this art in a gallery setting.

The exhibition is project prepared in a few months by Luna Gubinelli (for the graphic part) and her brother Mauro (for the programming). Luna is a doctoral student studying Museal Installations. The sites are shown by the means of projectors.

Her idea is to present the visitor with a simple and attractive graphical first page, as an entry point to the selected sites, to reconstruct – within the larger world of the net – a more manageable “museum space” that however remains on the Net and is not a succesion of separate sites on separate computers.

Furthermore, the Click Stream Analysis of the title is there to make visible to the visitor his/her actions in this museal setting : the percourse from one site to the other is recorded and can be printed out at the the end of the visit as a graphical diagram of the interactions with the “exhibits”. This materialisation of a visit to an essentially immaterial world seemed to meet the expectations of the public, if one takes into account the number of people looking satisfied and walking away with their very own diagram at the end of the visit.

For the lqst week of the show, Luna intends to present her own piece of computer art, the amalgamated statistics and diagrams of all the visitors.

More info (in Italian) on the vision of the curators at