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Xth Sense, Biophysical generation and control of music [at] Imagine Create Festival

  • Location:
    Foyle Arts Building, Derry, IE

/// Xth Sense.

The Xth Sense is a low cost, Open Source-based framework for the application of muscle sounds to the biophysical generation and control of music (or more generally for responsive milieux). 
The framework includes a low cost biosensing wearable device, and a modular DSP software (Pure Data-based) for real time capture, analysis and design with muscle sounds.
Marco Donnarumma will be reporting on the methods used during the research, present findings, issues, and perspective outcomes, while discussing the aesthetic criteria underpinning the research.

Further info and live performance reel: http://res.marcodonnarumma.com/projects/xth-sense/

Donnarumma is a performer, new media and sonic artist.
He's currently interested in critical analysis and development of experimental paradigms for embodied interaction in performative environments.

/// Among the other invited speakers: 
Ricky Graham (Ulster), Dennis Fischer (Ableton), Gregory Taylor (Cycling '74), Jeff Burke (UCLA), Alex Beim (Tangible Interaction), James Alliban (Augmatic), Katsuyuki Shibata (Fukuoka University).


/// About Imagine Create:
Imagine Create is a digital arts festival which brings together a leading-edge line-up of talents and minds from the worlds of art, design, new media and software development.
Expect five days of inspirational talks, demonstrations, panels, exhibits and performances delivered by the people and tools transforming digital culture.
The biennial event will take place at locations around the city of Derry~Londonderry and runs from 29 March to 2 April 2011.

For further information please visit the festival website http://www.imaginecreate.info