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Visualizing Theorem-Flat Time (1)

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    Visualizing Theorem-Second Life-University of Texas At San Antonio,

Flat Time is a series of performances by pixel Reanimator in Second Life in conjunction with the exhibit Visualizing Theorem.  The digital performances investigate spacetime and virtual realitiy.
Flat Time provides a 'bridge' to the virtual, by transposing the language of 'objects - in - space' into one of 'time - and - event', for us to arrive at the language of 'virtual objects in space' being transposed into one of 'time - and - virtual - event'… 
Flat Time / OHO Performance Schedule: 
1. Theory Presentation Event – ( Sunday April 3rd )
pixel will be at the event venue for 12 hours – 
Starting at 8:00 AM BST / 12:00 Midnight PDT  
Text to Screen will start at 7:30 PM BST  / 11:30 AM PDT
The Text will last approximately just under 18 minutes 
Please Note – The Text is the focal point of these three events
(there are also additional resources at the venue)
2.  Virtual Least Event – ( Sunday April 10th )
Spectators will be invited to participate – 
Starting at 7:00 PM BST  / 11:00 AM PDT 
The event will last as long as spectators are comfortable participating
pixel will ask spectators to log-of and log-on for a series of 'Least Event' Rez recordings, 
(these may be screen-shots or Videos), 
Second Life least events of… duration x impulse…
3. Virtual Event – Encoded – ( Sunday April 17th )
Virtual Running Event – Theory Does Not Put Oxygen Into Your Lungs
pixel will be at the event venue for 4 hours – 
Starting at 12:00 Midday BST / 4:00 AM PDT… finishing at 4:00 PM BST  / 8:00 AM PDT
This performance event will have the introduction and implementation of a set of 'virtual event system values – indicative codes'
These three events should be seen, each as one third, of the whole…
About the artist: