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LEA CFP - Geography of Pain

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 15, 2004, 6:03 a.m.

Geography of Pain
Guest Curators: Tom Ettinger and Diane Gromala (pain@astn.net)

As part of Leonardo's ongoing Art and Biology project, the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is seeking short texts/abstracts (with imagery and project URLs) by artists and scientists, or artist/scientist teams, whose work addresses pain in all its forms. Projects of interest include aesthetic works that address subjective experiences, social conditions, and cultural constructions of pain. Projects on the art of healing are of interest as well, especially multidisciplinary approaches that integrate Eastern and Western traditions. We will also consider current health science, computer science, and engineering research relevant to these topics.

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers / students to submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly encourage authors outside North America and Europe to send proposals for articles/gallery/artists statements.

This LEA Special is part of a new collaborative initiative on pain management, founded by:
* Tom Ettinger, Yale University, and interim Executive Director, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (http://www.asci.org)
* Diane Gromala, Georgia Institute of Technology (http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/~gromala)
* Julian Gresser, Chairman, Alliances for Discovery (http://www.breakthroughdiscoveries.org)
* Roger Malina, Chairman and Editor, Leonardo (http://mitpress.mit.edu/Leonardo)

Interested authors should send:

- A brief description of proposed text (100 - 300 words)
- A brief author biography
- Any related URLs
- Contact details

In the subject heading of the email message, please use "Name of Artist/Project Title: LEA Pain Management - Date Submitted". Please cut and paste all text into body of email (without attachments).

Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2004

Please send proposals or queries to:
Tom Ettinger and Diane Gromala

Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief