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Jon Satrom: Prepared Desktop

  • Location:
    LAMPO & The Graham Foundation , 4 West Burton Place, Chicago, Illinois, 60610, US

Lampo and the Graham Foundation are pleased to present Jon Satrom and his “Prepared Desktop.” By inserting Easter eggs, capitalizing on computer customization, and abusing applications, he  upgrades conventional computer programs and ordinary operating system elements to a kludgy audio/video instrument.
Tonight, Satrom performs sections of the new work in 3D. His commentary on recent cinematic upgrades?  Our attempt to confuse Madlener House with Navy Pier? You decide.
Jon Satrom is a Chicago-based dirty-new-media artist who spends his days fixing things, making things work, and educating. He spends his evenings breaking things, learning, and searching for the unique blips inherent to the systems he explores and exploits. With a background in video, sound and new-media, Satrom has strung together a collection of home-brew systems for real-time performance, which include custom video games, renegade computer scripts, obsolete display hacks and corrupt data.
The event is FREE but RSVP is required
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