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Subtitles III - LiveBox at ThreeWalls

  • Location:
    ThreeWalls, 119 N Peoria St # 2D, Chicago, Illinois, 60607, US

Subtitles III promises a wild ride.
The evening begins at 6:30 with a sound experience by Max Alexander. His work has been shown around the world form New Zealand to Saskatchewan. Alexander is a dominant player in the sound and new media community in Chicago.
We are very excited to announce the Literary participants for the night: Zach Dodson, Natalie Edwards and Justyn Harkin.
Zach Dodson’s hybrid typo/graphic novel, boring boring boring boring boring boring boring, came out last year under the nom de plume Zach Plague. He hosts The Show N’ Tell Show. His writing has appeared in The2ndHand, ACM, Take the Handle, and Proximity Magazine.
Natalie Edwards once worked at an Australian indoor theme park, but now writes about art. You can find her fiction in the Chicago Reader, theRumpus.net, Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendency, and on TripleQuick Fiction. Natalie will be reading “Animal Remix”.
Justyn Harkin lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. His work has appeared in Word Riot, Thieves Jargon, and The Angler. He also has a cat, Frida, who knows you just might meet her on Friday.
Readings begin approximately 7:00 and are followed by a live improvisational performance by Max Alexander and Eric Powell.
Eric Powell is a multidisciplinary artist working with the interrelationship between space, place and sound. This work has found him integrating immersive soundscapes, live musical composition, theatre and dance.