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Relish the Drift

  • Location:
    Merwin Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan Univ, Ames School of Art , Bloomington, IL, Illinois, 61702-2900, US

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Catherine Forster
Relish The Drift

March 1 -
March 31, 2011
4-5PM, Reception 5-6PM, Tuesday March 1

Relish The Drift, a solo exhibition of works
by Catherine Forster, includes an
ambitious  compilation of 13 videos,
paintings and inkjet prints. Relish the
captures the marriage of light and movement and water’s uncanny
ability to convey allegory; in the process Forster has discovered a unique
companion to video.

In Golden Oldies Forster deploys the
movement of water to create visual scores for Billboard hits from the 60s-80s.
Filmed underwater, Drift is a poem
about isolation, loss and acceptance. The illusion of light, texture and
movement in Now for the Painter is an
ode to R.J.W. Turner’s last seascapes. Swallow
explores the sheer power of water, while H2O
celebrates the union of water and light.

Catherine Forster’s
interests lay in the little inconsistencies and contradictions of every day
life, banal moments that add up to something else. Her work induces viewers to
slow down and spend time with each piece. 
Forster lives near water and solves her creative challenges while
kayaking or walking close to shore. “While
walking or kayaking I note the changes in color, texture, and viscosity of the
surface through the seasons, crystal clear in spring after the ice melts, heavy
and somewhat murky during hot summer days, dark and full of unexpected
contrasts in the autumn light, frozen in winter, clear beneath the ice. It is
not surprising that water would eventually find its way into my work.”