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Gaffy at PEEPSHOW 2011: It's Complicated

  • Location:
    Dnipro Ukrainian Center, 562 Genesse St, Buffalo, New York, 11222, US

Gaffy at Peepshow, coming up Feb 26th!

PEEPSHOW 2011: It’s Complicated
is the fourth edition of Squeaky Wheel’s high-energy fundraising art
party and extravaganza, to be held at the DNIPRO Ukrainian Center on
Saturday, February 26th, 2011. The event boasts a wide array of
entertainment, from curated artist installations, videos, and
performances to a fancy art auction and the opportunity for everyone to
participate in an evening-long performance of fun while tackling a
dense equation of questions, parameters, and answers that yield a
deafening blank stare when TMI (Too Much Information!!!) has been
revealed. Whether it’s the way that slick-looking minimalist
masterpiece runs from a tangled, incomprehensible mess of hidden wires
or the reason your lover won’t let you hold their hand in public, we
understand – IT’S COMPLICATED!

Artists of all kinds (media, installation, sculpture, performance)
were invited to interpret this year’s theme  – an often-apologetic
preface when entering hearty deliberations about world politics,
globalization or economic policies; a notorious description for
defending the inherently complex dynamics of personal relationships,
gender, or sexuality; and sometimes the dreaded top notch of a
difficulty rating system for various “how-to’s” in the realm of vegan
cooking, furniture assembly, or home-improvement. ***
Stay tuned for the complete list of over 30 artists and performers that
will take over all three floors of the beautiful DNIPRO Ukrainian
Center. There will be live music, burlesque troupes, belly dancing and
so much more - We can't wait to share what we have in store for you! ***


The DNIPRO Ukrainian Center is located on the East Side of Buffalo, more specifically, at 562 Genesee Street,
Buffalo, NY 14204. Please take a gander at the Google Map, which
conveniently has a picture that features the signature green doors of
this venue. Speaking of convenience, there is also a parking lot next
to this building where you can saddle up your gas-or-hybrid horse!
Tickets will be available starting February 1st at the following locations: Cafe Taza, Sweetness 7, Talking Leaves, and online at www.squeaky.org. Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 ($15 for students with a valid ID) at the door, 18+.
Make it a full-on-date night with the Hampton Inn & Suites King Jacuzzi / PEEPSHOW Special, only $99 plus applicable tax!!!  The Hampton Inn & Suites®
hotel in Buffalo - Downtown, NY - is just minutes from the DNIPRO
Ukrainian Center and will make it easy to stay the night. Book your
room today by calling 716.855.223 and ask for the PEEPSHOW Block!
No worries! The DNIPRO will offer a variety of Ukrainian foods and bar
foods available for purchase. After 10pm, there will be an extra
special trip from LLOYD’S TACO TRUCK, (http://whereslloyd.com), the first and ONLY taco truck in Buffalo, NY. Who says you can’t have perogies and burritos all in the same night?!!?