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CologneOFF 2011 --> February 2011

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CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context
nomadic festival project
1 January - 31 December 2011
After its official launch on 1 January 2011,
CologneOFF 2011 has now all basic components installed online
and it's ready for its physical and virtual tours around the world.
The virtual tour started when CologneOFF 2011 was launching on 6 Januaryits basic festival program - CologneOFF VI - Let's Celebrate
including all videos selected by the international jury
The physical tour started on 26 January 2011 in the framework of
Rotterdam International Film Festival at CUCOSA Art Space Rotterdam
with the special selection "Attracted by the Opposite?"
more info on netMAXX http://maxx.nmartproject.net/?p=161
February 2011
1. virtual tour
geographical focus: USA
solo feature: Henry Gwiazda, USA
In February, CologneOFF 2011 starts its program series of videoart
from different geographical regions around the globe - with videoart fromNorthern America, basically USA.
The first released component represents the solo feature of 6 videos bythe US media artist - Henry Gwiazda, who is following his own individual artistic path.
In his animated 3D worlds he pays attention to the minimal physical and psychological movementsof his  protagonists in an everyday world, and makes hidden secrets visible,always fascinating the viewer who does not know what is coming next.
Henry Gwiazda's solo feature can be accessed via the main festival application on
http://coff.newmediafest.org, but also via
Screen 3 on http://www.nmartproject.net or
Screen 4 on http://www.newmediafrest.org
During February 2011, each week additional aspects of video art from Northern Americawill be posted and featured online.
2. physical tour
Rotterdam continues until 6 February 2011
2. CologneOFF 2011 is jumping to Finland presenting in collaboration withLive Herring 2011 two compilations under the themes
"Privat Space -Open Space?" & "Imagining the Real" to be presented between10 Feb and 31 March in Jyvaskyla and Keuruu - more info on netMAXXhttp://maxx.nmartproject.net/?p=170
3. Between 18 and 20 February, CologneOFF 2011 is making a short visitin India, where CeC - Carnival of e-Creativity is being celebrated in Sattal,a place not far from New Delhi, but located deeply in the Himalaya mountains.
Agricola de Cologne, the creator and curator of CologneOFF 2011,
who is also co-curator of this event of digital art, is presenting CologneOFF 2011as it was previously shown on Delhi International Arts Festival 12-13 Dec 2010,consisting of the basic festival program CologneOFF VI and the programs by 5 curatorsincluded in the curatorial programs of CologneOFF 2011 -Margarida Paiva (Norway), Alysse Stepanian (USA),Pedro Almeida & Sergio Gomes (Portugal), Kai Lossgott (South Africa)and Giorgio Fedeli (Italy)
More details on netMAXX - http://maxx.nmartproject.net/?p=175
CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context
is organised online via multi screens.
The Mains Screen 1 - http://coff.newmediafest.org
offers the entire project of CologneOFF 2011 in one single application
while the additional screens display individual components separately.
Here is the list of currently available screens
Main screen 1 - CologneOFF VI
Screen 2 - interactive -
the interactive component of CologneOFF VI
Screen 3 - geographical
this monthly changing geographiocal focus is under construction, yet.
Screen 4 - solo features
from February 2011 on, each month an individual videoartist
from another country will be featured with a selection of 5 video works
Screen 5 - curatorial
will be containing all info and lists videos & artists
selected by about 40 participating curators, under construction
Screen 6 - topical
This screen is displaying from February 2011 on
each month  other video selections under different topics
Screen 7 - special
This screen will feature special videos from CologneOFF VI
and the future CologneOFF VII (see also the current call for entries)
Screen 8 - contextual updates & info
This is the festival blog where all textual info can be found
the ideal pleace to keep oneself updated
http://coff.newmediafest.org/blog/ (English)
http://2011.newmediafest.org (Deutsch)
Screen 9 - exhibition details
This screen will display the info about the programs of the
physical venues

CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context
nomadic festival project
1 January - 31 December 2011
powered by
artvideoKOELN  - the curatorial initiative
"art & moving images"
CologneOFF -
Cologne International Videoart Festival
2011 (at) coff.newmediafest.org