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Caterina Davinio at PAN Naples, in OLE Meeting

  • Location:
    PAN Naples, Via dei Mille 60 - , Napoli, Italia, 80121, IT

Join me at OLE in Naples on January 21
Exhibition dedicated to electronic
literature and art WITH MORE THAN 200 ARTISTS until February 20th 2011.

Some historical video and digital works by CATERINA DAVINIO will be presented in: OLE OFFICINA DI LETTERATURA ELETTRONICA in Naples
International Exhibition and Meeting on January 20 – 21 GENNAIO 2011
Palazzo Arti Napoli - Via dei Mille 60 - 80121 Napoli, Italia
Davinio's work are:
A story 2003 - In collaboraton with Julien Blaine http://www.youtube.com/user/CaterinaDav#p/u/10/7MDK_rc7Z2g
THE ENEMY, 1997 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnLgjmdzWXE
The First Poetry Space Shuttle Landing on Second Life, 1010
Music by Mirko Lalit Egger 
Davinio's Lecture is on January 21 around 12:00 AM