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The VJ Übergeek Textperience - with DJ Emile Zile, Eindhoven, NL

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Howdy! Since VJ Übergeek performances have evolved over the years, thought I'd post this recent look. This one's at an art opening, so it's a little more scripted than some of the club performances. But you can find a whole schmeggege-full at http://cyberspaceland.org or http://uebergeek.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/cyberspaceland_main/
The latest Übervideo! Featuring, dancing, drumming, and other manifestations of my neurosis. Beats by the megamultitalented Emile Zile.

VJ Übergeek enters queries into the CyberSpaceLand search engine, on topics ranging from cheerful memes to existential angst. The search results become live-animated on-screen visuals: funky, fluffy, and maybe even cool. Hyperactive Übergeek controls the visuals in realtime with a variety of gadgets ranging from dance pads to drumsticks. Music by Emile Zile. Funware exhibition opening, MU, November 2010.

Amy Alexander (VJ Übergeek) has performed CyberSpaceLand in a variety of venues from nightclubs to festivals to museums to the streets. Performances vary with the setting, ranging from more theatrical and character-based to laid-back and ambient. The content and visuals have evolved over the years, and no two performances are ever the same.

More info, videos & propaganda: http://cyberspaceland.org