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D2T - DIY is dead, long live HANDICRAFTS

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Ore.e Refineries (the robust new media company of the post-industrial era) is glad to announce D2T - Digital-To-Tangible services.

The artist run company is working to solve sustainability issues in the field of new media arts. DT2 is a project during which a group of artist "undigitize" selected online documents. The "undigitization" is done by hand like manuscripts of the past and the selected materials have a life expediency of 500 to 1000 years.

DT2 (Digital-to-Tangible)=: http://oree.storijapan.net/more.html#mozTocId755339

You may propose sites to convert into tangible forms here.

The craftspeople behind this company are working under "social entrepreneurship" guidelines. Both artists have worked from 2007 onwards to create a globally functional, robust "system of goods pruduction" using traditional handicrafts methods. The project begun with the manufacture of a small, portable ore refinery. Since this the company has focused on the refining of fair trade Zambian copper.

An other project YOU might enjoy is "The Message". During this online social media project a group of activists and artist collect messages addressed to the civilization which will discover the Onkalo NUCLEAR WASTE repository being build at: 61° 14′ 13″ N, 21° 26′ 27″ E. Ore.e Ref. will carve this message in 15cm letters (using the Lucinda Grande font) into bedrock close to the actual waste-site.

The Message: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Message/152968481408521

As a resource on sustainable system design we recommend this interview of Ukrainian Blacksmith Bodgan Popov. Bogdans work is focused on environmental issues. He is researching on how blacksmiths (and other craftspeople) could be utilized when urban planners / other designers (like you) are building ecologically sustainable living environments.

Interview of Ukrainian Blacksmith Bodgan Popov: http://vimeo.com/15420921

Ore Refining, Metals and Crafts with a Twist! Check out the web 1.0 classic style site! Everything optimized for the end of the world, in the beginning of which the net turns slow (The largest size of pages is 33.91 KB)


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Eero Yli-Vakkuri Nov. 8 2010 17:35Reply

Oh. Almost forgot here is a timeline of events on Dipity: http://www.dipity.com/ldezem/Ore-e-Refineries