rhizome.org seeks volunteer superusers

  • Deadline:
    July 2, 2002, 1 a.m.

hi rhizomers:

we're looking for volunteers to sign up as superusers.

what's a rhizome superuser?

rhizome superusers will make rhizome.org more rhizomatic – by
decentralizing editorial roles, and putting content-filtering in the
hands of the many and diverse.

superusers will decide what goes on the rhizome.org homepage, what texts
get sent on to rhizome rare, and consequently, what goes into the
rhizome textbase. taking a step back, selecting and databasing texts is
part of the project of historicizing new media art, so we are intent on
working with superusers who take the matters of rhizome.org and new
media art/history seriously. superusers should be able to evaluate texts
in terms of their merit in the following categories:


part of the work will be attaching keywords and other metadata to each
kind of text, so we are interested in working with members superusers
who are interested in, or familiar with, the language and rhetoric of
new media, art, theory, and community, and discourse. superusers should
also be familiar with the logic and flow of email based discussion and
banter. production skills are required too: superusers will need to have
graphics software (e.g. photoshop) and be comfortable working with and
converting screenshots and graphics into thumbnail images. superusers'
schedule and level of activity on rhizome.org can vary, and will be
discussed with rachel so she can rely on colleagues accordingly.

if you are interested in volunteering to be a rhizome.org superuser,
please email a cover letter (reflecting on if you have the abilities
described above) and resume to me at rachel@rhizome.org with "superuser"
in the subject line.