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Screengrab New Media Arts Prize 2010

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SCREENGRAB 2010 : "The Network will be visualised"

On Friday night (15.10.10) at James Cook University’s eMerge Media Space the 2010 winner of the Screengrab New Media Arts Prize was awarded to Italian artists, Juliana Gotilla and Izabel Rainer Harbach.

The Italian duo’s video art piece, Fluid Network, captured the judge’s attention for the $2000 award with its intriguing execution and quirky interpretation of this year’s theme - the Network. A strangely nostalgic construction, Fluid Network torments and seduces the viewer with the familiar sound bites of network communication technolgies - Skype, IM, modems, ICQ chat alerts and the dystopian bleeps of distance - as pools of liquid with an uncanny resemblance to a map of the earth is slowly flooded by drops of liquid.

Judges Bernadette Ashley, Jak Henson and Dr Steven Campbell awarded this year’s prize to Gotilla and Harbach after a lengthy deliberation which saw several other works factoring heavily in the discussions, including :

Golden Shield Music by Marco Donnarumma (UK) http://marcodonnarumma.com/works/the-invisible-suns-project/
Spam : The Musical by Boris Eldagsen (Germany) http://www.youtube.com/spamthemusical
SILICA-ESC by Vladimir Todorovic (Singapore) http://vimeo.com/10154340
PRESS + by Benjamin Ducroz (Australia) http://ducroz.com/\_html/press+.html

Several other Australian artists also feature prominently including Benjamin Forster http://vimeo.com/6993958 and renowned Flash artist Jason Nelson http://www.secrettechnology.com/sydney/sibera.html. A full list of all the short listed artists whose work is now on show in the 2010 Screengrab exhibition can be found here : http://www.jcu.edu.au/soca/JCUPRD1\_066890.html

The 2010 Screengrab exhibition will be on show at the School of Creative Art’s eMerge Media Space at James Cook University, Townsville, until Friday 19th December. Entry is free.

Link to winning artist's blog site : http://rapadurastudio.wordpress.com/

Link to winning work on Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/15953531

All media inquiries : screengrab@jcu.edu.au | +61 74781 3142

eMerge Media Space opening hours and events calender : www.jcu.edu.au/soca/gallery/

This project is sponsored by James Cook University's School of Creative Arts and the eMerge Media Space, Townsville, Australia.


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