"Augmented Irreality"

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Dear friends & colleagues,

I'm glad to share with you my latest interactive video installation: "Augmented Irreality". The demo is online at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/videoenglish.html , Images at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/augmentedirrealityimages.html

Best regards, Chiara


From the series “Live Architecture”: “Augmented irreality”,
interactive video installation, time variable. 2010, by Chiara Passa.

"Augmented Irreality" is an interactive video installation that is projected onto three walls and the floor. The artwork (built in Quartz Composer and Artoolkit) puts the viewer into the 3D software by placing him in the "window-camera." The spectator, through the use of some matrix (having different patterns the size of the palm of the
hand) printed on squares, is able to operate, move, zoom, remove and interact with three-dimensional objects that meet on the Cartesian axes X, Y and Z of the simulated software. The artwork recreates a three-dimensional flat under construction, which the audience itself continues to customize through their movements. Also “Augmented Irreality,” like other video installations of the series "Live Architecture," is based on the concept of "super place" where the site
is self-performing and moves beyond its capabilities. The video installation reflects on the idea of the virtual/unreal and how our bodies, in real space, are related to this kind of dimension/experience. “Augmented Irreality” highlights the paradox of
how augmented reality, in truth, diminishes reality itself, removing
and modifying the real levels, it increases the irreality in our real atmosphere.

Sinossi Ita: http://www.chiarapassa.it/videografia.html