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Local Air & Space Administration Launch Tonight in San Francisco

  • Location:
    San Francisco

You Are Cordially Invited to the Public Opening of
An Art Project By Jonathon Keats

Why wait decades to visit another planet? Starting this October you can explore Mars at greater convenience and less expense than a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The Local Air & Space Administration avoids the hassle of launching heavy machinery simulating complex terrestrial habitats by gradually amassing martian landscape here on earth as fragments of meteorite. Our exotourism bureau invites you to experience this alien terrain by osmosis. Filtered through basaltic shergottite, and sealed in convenient 750 milliliter bottles, our martian mineral water is replete with olivine, pyroxene and maskelynite. Also try our lunar and stellar mineral waters. Imbibe the cosmos. Discover the alien within.

Opening Tonight
5:30 To 8:00 PM
Modernism Gallery
685 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
415 541 0461

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