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Test Run of WiiSight by Sachiko Hayashi

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on 18th October, 2010, at 8 pm, at Fylkingen, Stockholm

in a joint concert,
Test run of WiiSight, a new moving image improvisation method using Nintendo Wii Remote and Apple's iSight in

"You Saw Me Tomorrow" (work-in-progress)
(Real-Time Audio-Visual Improvisation, 2010)

In "You Saw Me Tomorrow" Sachiko Hayashi performs what she calls "WiiSight", a real-time moving image improvisation technique she has been developing recently using Nintendo Wii remote controller and Apple's webcam iSight. All visual information in "WiiSight" is taken live through built-in iSight on her laptop and processed live via Max/Jitter. No recorded material is used in "WiiSight". The combination of "live video" and "remote controller" creates a true junction between real-time physical movements and visual manipulation in a live performance, where the two elements invoke, affect and merge in a confluence.

To Sachiko's "WiiSight" visual improvisation, Magnus Alexanderson creates EAM soundscape based on a loop technique with pre-composed sounds. The structure of the soundscape creation in real-time in relation to the "WiiSight" visual will be the focus of his performance.

MASH was formed in 1991 by the EAM composer Magnus Alexanderson and the visual artist Sachiko Hayashi. MASH's focus has been the (inter-)relation between audio and visual, which has led to experimentations in several forms such as multi-media performance, single channel videos and audio-visual interactive. "You Saw Me Tomorrow" is MASH's second audio-visual live performance work after [beyond] (audio-visual interactive, 2008). More info on MASH: www.i-mash.net