The MINI Museum flies to London

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The MINI Museum flies to London

The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts is proud to announce that on Friday October 15, 2010, the MINI Museum Director will fly to London to officially entrust the Museum to Oliver Laric, its first temporary owner.

Berlin based artist Oliver Laric (1981) is currently in London to present Versions (2009 - 2010) as part of Frame 2010, the solo-projects selection of Frieze Art Fair (14-17 October 2010. Versions is an ongoin project aimed at exploring historical and contemporary ideas relating to image hierarchies, where a largely enthusiastic conception of a digitally driven contemporary age of polymorphous imagery is squared by a series of examples drawn from pre-digital, pre-web culture. The project comprises a constellation of works, including sculptures, a bootleg copy of a book on Ancient Copies, and a video.

As an artist, Laric ( is concerned with issues such as copyright, appropriation, versioning and translation. He is one of the founders of vvork (, an art blog acting as an exhibition space and, occasionally, a curatorial platform that organizes events in brick-and-mortar venues.

«The selection of the first temporary owner is the only act of curatorial control I will indulge in for a long time», Domenico Quaranta, the founding director of the MINI Museum, said. «Since both Versions and vvork had a strong influence on the concept of the MINI Museum, it was quite a natural choice to entrust Oliver with it.»

The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts (also known as MMAXXI) is a 7'' digital photo frame bought on eBay equipped with a 4GB pen drive. The MINI Museum will travel from node to node around a network of artists, and will host temporary solo shows by the artist owning it at the time. All the artworks shown in the MINI Museum will enter the permanent collection of the Museum itself. The Museum will return to the Director when there is no more storage space left.