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Notes Part I, II & III by Charlie Tweed

Animate Projects is pleased to announce the online presentation of Charlie Tweed’s Notes Part I, II & III at animateprojects.org/film.

The Notes series is comprised of seven compelling and disturbing short videos that seem to be transmissions by a sinister powerbase who are orchestrating change on mass scale. The tightly scripted, computer generated voiceover is accompanied by fast changing images which depict the world at the edge of some kind of imminent crisis, in which both the natural environment and civil society are at risk. The visuals are collaged from ‘found’ footage - broadcast documentaries, YouTube clips, instructional videos and amateur news footage, that Tweed further distorts, making them hard to place in terms of a specific time or geographical location.

In presenting the Notes series online, Tweed is, in a sense, returning them to their source, and opening up the possibility that this wider context might well increase the confusion and paradoxes he sees to trigger in the viewer.
Notes Part I, II & III is presented by Animate Projects in association with Spike Island and Artsway. The films are being shown as a three-screen installation at Spike Island, Bristol, from 9 October - 28 November 2010.

An interview with Charlie Tweed and an essay on the Notes series by Spike Island Curator Marie-Anne McQuay accompanies the online exhibition.