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Barcode Cinema

  • Location:
    New York


[size=30]Barcode Cinema[/size] invites you on a tour of the geographic locations of geotagged images in downtown New York this weekend as a part of Conflux Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Each Barcode Cinema site is physically tagged with a unique barcode sticker. With the use of a web-enabled camera phone and a free downloadable application that turns a mobile phone into a barcode scanner, festival goers can interact with barcode stickers at designated sites to access locative media. Image sonifications of geotagged images will playback as movies on mobile phones at locations discovered from our research of the communal landscape constructed by Google, Flicker and Picasa, among others. Participants will hear a sonic interpretation of the surveiled imagery of the space they have accessed.

[size=16]Things you will need for the tour:[/size]

  • a web-enabled mobile camera phone
  • a barcode scanner app installed on your mobile phone
  • (there are many free apps available including Neoreader and ScanLife)
  • Barcode Cinema map and checklist
  • a flashlight if you visit sites after nightfall

[size=14]Once you locate a Barcode Cinema sticker,[/size] all you need to do is scan the barcode and turn up the volume! Geotagged images will be translated into tones and sounds that directly correspond to the frequency each pixel's color occupies in the visible spectrum. As each sound is generated it's corresponding pixel disappears returning the captured image back to the ephemera of experience. Tip: Turn on your mobile phone and test your barcode scanning app with the barcode at the top of the page.

[size=14]Barcode Cinema[/size] is a project of [size=14]Kristin Lucas[/size] and [size=14]Lee Montgomery[/size].
More information can be found on the project's website.