WORKSHOP - DIY Build Your Own Printed Circuit Boards

  • Location:
    New York


DIY Printed Circuit Boards

If you're an electronics tinkerer and looking to learn how to make affordable, small batches of your circuits, or if you're trying to build a circuit from online instructions with a PCB graphic, then this is THE workshop. In this all-day intensive you will learn everything you need to know to make your own custom printed circuit boards at home. From breadboard to printed circuit board, we'll go through the process form start to finish!

We start with one of two circuits: an LED flasher or a touch controlled sound maker. We'll look at the schematics of both and then dive into translating those schematics into a computer aided design program, Eagle. In Eagle we'll translate the schematics into a circuit board layout and go over ways to do custom circuit board art. Once we're done we'll proceed with printing, transferring, etching, drilling and populating our circuits. You'll need to bring your own laptop and download a copy of EAGLE CAD [].

We'll be working with Ammonium Persulphate as an etchant in a process similar to etching jewelry and will be taking the necessary precautions of wearing gloves and protective eye-wear. If you have your own stylin' gear, bring it, other wise we'll provide it.

Phillip Stearns (AKA Pixel Form) is a practitioner of sonic and visual arts; music composer and performer; electronics sculptor and installation artist. He views technology as a site for exploring the global society-environment system and how changes in the relationship between society and environment manifest in our technology—particularly as solutions to a cascading set of problems created by contemporary culture. Through the medium of networked systems, his work explores the horizons of information, politics, noise, control, proximity, subversion, corruption, interconnectedness and interrelatedness. Central to his practice as a visual artist and a performer are the use of custom electronics, hand-craft, hardware hacking, media technologies, and iterative processes marked by a judicial use of materials, restraint, simplicity, a careful balance between conceptual depth and playfulness. He has presented, performed, lectured, exhibited, led workshops, and screened works at various festivals, conferences, residencies, museums and institutions around the US, Latin America and Northern Europe.

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