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Have you lost a candy wrapper, a piece of paper, or a kleenex?

Found-on the road from Hanlans to Wards (A performance wherein I comb the main road of Toronto Island looking for lost candy wrappers, pieces of paper or kleenex.)

For 15 days starting September 6th I will comb sections of the road from Hanlans to Wards looking for small litter that is hidden among the curbside bushes and tall grass. While doing this I will clean up the rest of the litter found along side the road. The small litter is photographed and logged in regards too where it was found, the date, the material it is made of, and the estimated time for it to degrade. This data is published on a blog. You can follow the blog at http://foundlitter.blogspot.com/

The piece is created for Rogue Wave, 2010 http://www.roguewaveart.org/rogue-wave-2010.html. A site specific event held on Toronto Island.

Jacky Sawatzky


"Success is relative: it is what we can make of the mess we have made of things"
-T.S Elliot