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Open House

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We are happy to announce and invite you to visit Open House, a new artwork by Jack Stenner and Patrick LeMieux.

Open House is a new computer application and installation which allows virtual guests from around the world to remotely control physical aspects of a "distressed" house in Gainesville, FL. The house at 1617 NW 12 Rd. is currently abandoned and in financial limbo due to the US housing collapse. Virtual markets transformed this otherwise livable property into a ghost house. Now Open House allows individuals to repopulate this disenfranchised space and assume the role of virtual squatters-opening the doors, flickering the lights, rattling the shutters, and remotely occupying the abandoned property. Live video feedback integrates real-time physical effects with one's virtual actions and multiplayer functionality allows for many people to live in the house at once. Simply download and run the application, so, you too can manipulate that sacred icon, the American home.

To begin your tour please visit http://no-place.org/