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A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting

Tonight 7PM London time
Wigan UK and online
First of a series of 9 meetings
between Antye Greie and Annie Abrahams
A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting

When using the Internet to communicate, as so many do these days, you include malfunctions from the beginning. Contrary to general beliefs technological means don't facilitate communication but change it. So Antye and Annie will be handicapped by time lags, glitches, cuts in their connexion, bandwidth problems etc in their creation of 9 short meetings, where they will explore themes as different as love, communism and wilderness. But as they cannot trust on anything but their desire to meet the other, their meetings also profit from this vulnerability and become all the more genuine. In these performances the artists start with accepting misunderstanding as an all present feature of communication and use failure to reach out to the other.