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SoundFjord | Sonic Art Gallery: Grand Opening and Inaugural Exhibition

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The end of July is upon us and with it our grand opening and our inaugural exhibition featuring the delicate immersive sounds and poetic imagery of Yann Novak.

To celebrate SoundFjord's Opening in London on 31st July 2010 (4-8pm), expect live performance by mimosa|moize, Dead Wood and Claire M Singer + Bill Thompson, and a special screening of Tune In by Esther Johnson (Blanche Pictures). Listen out for, The Chaos Engine, the brainchild of Adam Jansch, as well as Felicity Ford who will excite your taste buds and your aural senses with an offshoot of her Sonic Tuck Shop.

We are honoured with the presence or Yann Novak during the grand opening and the inaugural exhibition, Stillness. He invites your questions also during our press day (12-5pm) and private listening (7-9pm) on 03 August.

On 06 August from 7pm we invite you to immersound, the first in a series of live performances featuring exciting sound art and experimental music. Immersound focused on immersive sound environments, sound sculpture and contemplative soundscapes. Tickets are available on the door or at We Got Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/85321 at an early bird price of £5. We advise that you book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Many thanks for listening,

The SoundFjord Team