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The virtual prigione

Dear friends,

I'm glad to share with you my net-based, ongoing project: “The virtual
Demo at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/videoenglish.html
Images at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/virtualprigioneimages.html

“The virtual Prigione”, interactive video-sculpture, time variable.
Demo version 2’30’’, 2010.

“The virtual Prigione” is an interactive portrait video-sculpture
inspired by the concept of the latest “unfinished” sculptures of
Michelangelo, named “Prigioni.” The website that hosts the virtual
sculpture becomes dynamic and interactive. The user can sculpt using
the mouse as a chisel. "The virtual Prigione" represents various
states of being. The spectator can choose to liberate the sculpture
from the marble and its dependence material, so the body-statue
sublimates and the marble becomes virtual idea. Or the user can also
choose to imprison the statue into the marble, bringing it to the
primordial state where the
mass has a simple geometric figure. http://www.chiarapassa.it/videography.html

Sinossi ita: http://www.chiarapassa.it/videografia.html