Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere

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[size=150]Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere[/size]
I am happy to annouce a new aritist book project titled Onomasticon.

Inspired by my ongoing photography project Nohwere which addresses the prevailing sense of non-place in contemporary American urban and suburban landscape, Onomasticon presents a new vocabulary for these ubiquitous, yet abstract spaces.


This series is comprised of 26 artists books available through a 2-year subscription beginning in January of 2011 and ending in December of 2012.

I am now actively seeking subscribers.

Each book will pair a single word—corresponding to a letter of the alphabet—with various imagery. While the books’ focus will be the photographic images, they will also explore any number of media, including drawing, graphics, screen printing, etc.

n. 1. A collection of names and terms; a dictionary; specif., a collection of Greek names, with explanatory notes, made by Julius Pollux about a. d. 180.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

To read more and learn how to subscribe or support this project please visit the project web site:

[size=150]KICKSTARTER Fund Raising for Onomasticon[/size]
I have worked on making subscriptions to Onomoasticon as collectible as possible, for those of you who may not wish to subscribe you can still support the production of the project and receive some very limited edition prints.

I have started a Kickstarter project to supplement the production of the hand-made book cases that will hold the books and ultimately complete Onomasticon.

Kickstarter offers a platform for artists to raise money for their projects, you can see my project here:

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the projects.