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R0CKN355 M0N573R5

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    New York

Artist: Ghostfuk3r
Title: R0CKN355 M0N573R5
Date: July 25 (from 7pm until the last guitar is smashed)
Venues: See list below…

Performance artist Ghostfuk3r (aka David Carson) takes on Brooklyn with his high speed, high adrenaline, high art and plays 6+ of the city's finest music venues - all in one night.

On June 25th, Ghostfuk3r will perform in front of Union Pool, Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg Music Hall, Glasslands and McCarren Park (among others). At each venue special guests will join Ghostfuk3r, taking their moment in the spotlight to smash one of his custom designed guitars. A tribute to both Pete Townsend and Gustav Metzger, Ghostfuk3r's live action compositions hits numerous chords.

Catch Ghostfuk3r on one of his many stops on the road throughout the night or meet up with him at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery for his performance there from 8:30-9:30.
Artist: Ghostfuk3r
Title: Dam, Stuhltrager stop on The NYC/Brooklyn Summer Tour
Date: July 25 (performance: 8:30-9:30 / reception 8:30 - 11)
Venue: Dam, Stuhltrager Brooklyn
Address: 38 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn (Corner of Marcy & Hope)
Contact: info@damstuhltrager.com