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Christophe Bruno: Global Artists in the Pharmakon LIbrary

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Christophe Bruno : Global Artists

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Imagine that the history of the world was turned upside-down and that the historical characters who left their mark in our schoolbooks, were reincarnated as… artists. What works of art would they produce?

It's of course impossible to forget the blood some of them spilled, or to put aside the eventual good they did to mankind. It's also hard to believe that some of the concepts described here could be "hijacked" in such perverted ways by these people, if they were artists.

So don't take all this too seriously. It's just a nightmare drawn from my sick imagination.

–Christophe Bruno

Christophe Bruno lives and works in Paris. He began his artistic activity in September 2001. His polymorphic work (installations, performances, conceptual pieces) is a critical take on network phenomena and globalisation in the field of language and images. He divides his time between his artistic activity, curating,†teaching, lectures and publications.


"Global Artists" was first conceived in 2003 as an online work. The project was reactivated and reworked in March 2010 in a non virtual context, on the occasion of the exhibition "Le paradoxe du petit monde" curated by Judith Lavagna and Cyril Verde, at Galerie Ars Longa in Paris. 3D realization for the Marx&Lenin piece: FrÈdÈric Lepeltier.



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