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Lena Lapshina: Under the Water / Above the Water (2)

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Lena Lapschina: Under and Above the Water

"Under the water": mind-expanding, 100 \% natural!

Existence without sound and verbal communication can turn out into an advantage - at least in the short term. This is what the participants in the photo sessions for the "Under the water / Above the water" project easily find out. Cold water may limit the fun.
Hot and cold all over. Both under the water and above the water, life can be pretty harsh. Even on tropical islands - if you aren't a tourist. "Sich über Wasser halten", a German metaphor, is not about fun at all, but about the basis of one's livelihood.
he portraits are showing two of my voluntary victims of icy arctic circle photo shooting. Great colors thanks to Swedish sea characteristics and midnight sun!

Underwater portraits passing by remind the viewer of Ichtiander, the personage from Beljaeff's science fiction novel Amphibiousman.

Exhibition history:

"RISK" Lulea Art Biennial, Lulea Sweden, 2009
"Idyll" Atelier 030202, Bucharest, 201-

Technical data:

Under the water / Above the water
125 x 83 cm (50 by 33 in) / Ilfoflex/Diasec/Alu
edition of 6 (+2 EA)

contact: lena at culturepress.at

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