High Spheres - Open air multi-channel participative concert @ Re-New Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

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On 18th May at 19.30 at Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark, Re-New Digital Arts Festival kicks off prensenting 'High Spheres' a participative multi-channel concert for found objects and reactive generative music by Edinburgh based new media artist Marco Donnarumma.

The action takes place open air. No musical instruments are provided, but stones and leaves. Audience can use six microphones and a 6.1 surround system to amplify any kind of sound they wish to produce.
The whole sonic matter is managed by a Pure Data-based software for generative music developed by the author, which interacts with the audience processing sounds in real-time, analyzing the input signals and generating new sounds and textures out of the collected data.

An endless sonic data flow which, once started, will live and grow beyond the time-space of the action. Generative electroacoustic music for non-musicians.
If you're in the city you're very welcome to freely join our self-organized orchestra and contribute to the creation of our brand-new collective soundscape.

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Press contact: http://marcodonnarumma.com/contact/