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Insurgent Bodies

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Provincetown, MA multi-media artist Jay Critchley, artist in residence at Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon USA, will present a new photographic installation called Insurgent Bodies. The show, part of his ongoing Maskuerade Ball Project, explores tie-string surgical masks as emblems of fear and cover-up. The photos, along with sculptural elements, investigate the erotic male body, and the fetish use of tie-string surgical masks. His work may be viewed at: www.jaycritchley.com

We have nothing to fear but fear itself – FDR

No mask like open truth to cover lies, As to go naked is the best disguise. – William Congreve

Lurking within much of the mediated body politic we inhabit lies a calling to run, to hide, to bury, to medicate, to muffle, to silence. This fear immobilizes us from action. Insurgent Bodies reclaims the ubiquitous and austere tie-string surgical mask