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Connecting Conversations with Grayson Perry

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Grayson Perry, Turner Prize-winning artist will discuss his work with a practising psychoanalyst at a forthcoming Connecting Conversations event on Sunday 27 June 2010, 7.00pm at the Assembly Hall, Islington Town Hall, N1.

Grayson Perry will talk to psychoanalyst Valerie Sinason about the challenging and often dark themes conveyed by his decorative, colourful works. They will explore Perry’s use of his own identity in his art, and the way his early life shaped his creativity.

Ticket details are online at www.connectingconversations.org


Dave Miller April 30 2010 12:47Reply

I'd love to go as find his work interesting, but the tickets are £10 - too much. I'll pay £2 - what do you say?