One Hour Photo Show - Projecting Works for 60 Minutes Before They Vanish Forever

  • Location:
    Washington, D.C.

May 8 - June 6, 2010
American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
Washington, DC

Opening Viewing: Saturday, May 8, 6 - 9pm
featuring work by: Noel Rodo-Vankeulen, Megan Cump, and Tim Davis
Closing Viewing: Saturday, June 6, 11am - 4pm
featuring work by: Penelope Umbrico, Clayton Cotterell, Matthew Gamber, Ann Woo, and Ruben Natal-San Miguel

One Hour Photo distills the photograph to the ultimate limited edition: 60 minutes. Photographic works by 128 artists will be projected for one hour each, after which they will never be seen again, by anyone, in any form. Each work will exist only in the experience, then memory, of the observers. Participating artists—hailing from 13 countries, ranging from amateur to emerging to established—sign release forms pledging never to reproduce, display, or sell the work they’ve
contributed to the exhibition.

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