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Beware of the meeting, Pirates!
After one year surfing the net here comes again the most important italian Pirates happening “La festa dei Pirati”.
Among the contributors you will find representatives of the Swedish Pirate Party and the Pirate Bay, internationally active bloggers, innovative artists, cultural association and organizations working with on-line communication and development.
On the 20th May in Rome activist, thinkers and artists will publicly share their ideas, projects and opinions to create a heterogeneous program of panels, workshops, contests, artistic performances and music.
Among the panels topics: digital censorship, “the Net is _not_ the TV”, web 2.0 as collective participation environment.

The event will take place at Montecitorio, the “holy” citadel of italian politicians.
I have been invited to perform the audiovisual concert “I C::ntr::l Nature” http://marcodonnarumma.com/works/i-cntrl-nature based on a self-designed software developed in a free programming environment known as Pure Data, the program includes also works by Ubermorgen + 0100101110101101, Verbo, Carlo Caloro, Giacomo Verde, Francesca Fini, Lab9, Frank Sent Us, Roberto Paci Dalò and Giacomo de Luca.