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Arts in Bushwick presents Loud Objects with Jennifer Walshe and Torino:Margolis

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    New York


Arts in Bushwick presents Loud Objects with Jennifer Walshe and Torino:Margolis

Sunday, March 7, 2010
6PM to 9PM, Free
Naxal Belt
175 Jefferson St #1L (at Central Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11206

6PM: Noise Tent
7PM: Panel Discussion
8PM: Performance

The Loud Objects create electronic noise with minimal components: microchips, a power jack, an audio jack, and wire. The group solders custom audio circuits live, creating audible fluctuations of electricity with these bare elements. Gradually building a complex sound circuit, they present electronic music in a form closer to a physical instrument than a laptop. Their performances invite the audience to bear conscious witness to each musical gesture: the addition of a microchip; the soldering of an output pin to the audio jack.

Using a disparate melange of elements such as voice, broken plastic, words, parts of words, stories, chanting, jigs, screaming, and shouting, Irish composer and extended technique vocalist Jennifer Walshe works with the breakdown of syntax, dissonance, and disintegration.

Torino:Margolis is a performance art team that crosses physical and psychological barriers, using invasive electronics and biomedical tools. They explore the idea that the self is transient, elusive, and modular by playing with the notions of control and free will. Their extraction of physiological processes concretizes these concepts and presents them as questions to the viewer – not to illustrate the mechanism, but to explore the human experience.

Curated by Andrea Liu

- Loud Objects (http://www.loudobjects.com)
- Torino:Margolis (http://www.torinomargolis.com)
- Jennifer Walshe (http://www.milker.org)

More Information:
- Naxal Belt: http://naxalbelt.blogspot.com
- Contact Email: noise@loudobjects.com
- Contact Telephone: (917) 690-4991
- Venue Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=175%20Jefferson%20St,%20Brooklyn,%20NY%20(Naxal%20Belt%20%201L)