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The Localitzats project [Located] aims to show how the emergence of technology in each of the different aspects of our daily life leads to the irreversible loss o f privacy, which affects us all; a fact that we often do not seem to be sufficiently aware of .

In this case, the work focuses on the Priorat region, a territory that allows the development of the p roject because of its size and small number of villages and residents. Localitzats_PRIORAT displays the first and last names of more than three thousand residents of Priorat that have been located on the Network .This information was obtained through a simple search by locality carried out in one of the many telephone contact records on the Internet.

The Network and new technologies facilitate the indiscriminate emission of personal data by unsuspecting users, as well as the immediate collection of databases that report to various stakeholders.

Services as common as a simple search for phone numbers are able to locate a person on a map. A search of combined words can provide details ranging from personal identification numbers to a diverse background, which may contain a complete record of work s , personal relationships, crimes and offenses …

A software as accesible as the popular Google Maps Street Viewer can allow us to gain access to the residence of a person we only know the name of.

Regardless of the nature of our relationship with the Network, it is easy to imagine that our data are there. The final use of these data depends only on the interests of those who manage them . This can range from market research to all kinds of scams and swindles, all under the watchful eye of many agencies t hat are there to ensure the ever-recurring national security.