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Photograph God

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Photograph God: Kabbalah through a Creative Lens
Scot Kaplan and Sarah Weinstock, curators of the Wayne and Geraldine Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery at the Marion Campus of The Ohio State University, invited me to show my interactive artblog Photograph God in the Searching for God exhibition in 2010. In the 20th century, when my paintings and prints were in exhibitions, I had to arrange to transport them there by truck, train, or plane. Since it was too expensive to transport and insure my large acrylic painting from Tel Aviv to Prague for my 2004 Cyberangels: Aesthetic Peace Plan for the Middle East exhibition, I e-mailed the Prague museum curator a photograph of it that was then digitally printed out on canvas in Prague at the same size as the original. For the Ohio State exhibition, I did not need to ship the artwork from Israel to Ohio nor even e-mail it. Since my Photograph God artblog had been living and growing in cyberspace for four years and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, the exhibition curator only had to google “photograph god” to find it the first of a list of over six million sites. One click of the mouse and it was there for the taking.