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CMOS Music - 1-bit Modular Digital Synthesis

  • Location:
    New York

CMOS Music - 1-bit Modular Digital Synthesis
@ Devotion Gallery: 54 MAUJER ST BROOKLYN NY 11206 | 803-386-8330
Sunday March 28th from 2-6pm

Learn how to make 1-bit chiptunes music without the hassle of computer programming. This is a musical introduction to basic electronic concepts through the use of CMOS digital logic chips.

How much?: $25 materials $75 admission
When: Sunday March 28th from 2-6 pm
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Prerequisite: None, though knowledge of basic electronics concepts and terms will enhance the learning experience

From a hand full of components you will create the world's simplest oscillator and 8 note musical rhythm sequencer. No soldering necessary, you'll take your project home on your very own solder-less breadboard!

CMOS 4000 series digital logic chips make it easy for anyone to design and build their own simple analog/digital hybrid modular synthesizer. Some chips can be turned into oscillators, other can be used to divide frequencies, with just a handful of resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors, these chips can be configured into custom musical instruments and effects units.

We will look at how to create and oscillator, frequency divider, and sequencer from 3 different chips. In the process we'll cover basic electronics concepts and skills, explaining each component as it is introduced. When we're done, you'll have an intricate rhythmic sequencer that produces 1-bit chiptunes music.

Topics Covered:
Electronic Components
Modular Synthesis
Analog vs Digital Circuits
Digital Logic
4000 series CMOS Logic ICs
Breadboard Prototyping
Signal Flow
Systems Design
Schematic Reading

About the Instructor:

Phillip Stearns (AKA Pixel Form - http://www.art-rash.com/pixelform) is a practitioner of sonic and visual arts; music composer and performer; electronics sculptor and installation artist. He views technology as a site for exploring the global society-environment system and how changes in the relationship between society and environment manifest in our technology. Through the medium of networked systems, his work explores the horizons of information, politics, noise, control, proximity, subversion, corruption, interconnectedness and interrelatedness. Central to his practice as a visual artist and a performer are the use of custom electronics, hand-craft, hardware hacking, media technologies, and iterative processes marked by a judicial use of materials, restraint, simplicity, a careful balance between conceptual depth and playfulness. He graduated from the Cal Arts masters degree program in music composition in 2007 and has presented, performed, lectured, exhibited, led workshops, and screened works at various festivals, conferences, residencies, museums and institutions around the US, Latin America and Northern Europe including FILE (2009), NIME (2009), FONLAD(2009), Transitio(2009), Torrance Art Museum (2008), Optica(2008), Filmer La Musique (2008), Spark(2008), Soundwalk (2006,2007,2008), GLAMFA, Machine Project, STEIM, Experimental Television Center, Solar1, Chaos Communications Camp (2007), and Darmstadt (2006).