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Check the captured video of the installation on Second Life :

"The First Poetry Shuttle Landing on Second Life", 5'45'', 2010
Concept, Virtual Installation SL & Video: Caterina Davinio
Collaboration: Riccardo Preziosi.
Music: Mirko Lalit Egger.
53. Venice Biennale - Eventi Collaterali
June 4 - November 22 2009.
Evento Collaterale MHO_Save the Poetry, Curators: Marco N. Rotelli, Fondazione Mare Nostrum.
Music: [Virtual Freedom] © by Mirko Lalit Egger (Mirko Kosmos aka Mahisha) MK Productions, Switzerland.

On the Centenary of Italian Futurism, on the 40. Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing,
The First Poetry Space Shuttle Landing on Second Life
Landing of the poets: July 20-21 2009.The poets have form of spheres and colorful prisms which donate a poem file. The guest book of the shuttle "Welcome on Board" contains more then 300 poems by authors from various continents, countries, and planets…

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