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MY DANCE THE SKULL presents the book launch of Anna Yausheva and its pleased to announce its step into the music world with the strictly limited cassette-only release of 'Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce' by electro-acoustic musician Talvihorros.

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MDTS invites you to a night of experimental disco vibes, eccentric dance music and healing sounds.

3 pounds

''Anna Yausheva, 26, currently living in Moscow, is, in her own words 'an old-fashioned girl in almost everything'. She also takes heaps of pictures using analog cameras. Although in casual conversation she might refer to it as a 'hobby', photographs taken by her tend to leave one (well, me, anyway) flustered with joy. A definition that fits 'art', among other things. The kind of joy we talk here is of a special kind, materialized in pictures that have a very distinctive, raw, and ultimately sexy set of feelings and ideas on display.''
Diego Gerlach

'There’s a feel of living on a pagan Scottish island and getting the urge to burn a Christian policeman in a ritualistic sacrifice, there’s obscure instrumentation in the way the BBC Radiophonic Workshop pioneers would be proud, and there’s a haunting beauty that melts your heart and invites you in to sit on soft furnishings and drink the best warm mug of mead you’ve ever tasted.'
Bearded Magazine

Tom White (b. 1986) is an artist currently based in London, UK. Working with found sounds, tape collage, mic feedback and fragments of instrumentation, to create composition, sound art and film sound. White also works with video and photography, often combining all practices. Releases Sight See (3’’CDr) Smallfish records 2009 A Well Known Phrase (CD-Mini Album) Under The Spire 2009 In Poor Visibility (CD-Album)

Talvihorros is the studio project of London based Ben Chatwin, exploring the electronic manipulation of acoustic instruments. Acoustic, electric and prepared guitars are integrated with organ, piano, mandolin, analogue synthesizer and an array of percussion instruments to create paradoxical feelings of warmth and impending doom.