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BridA/ Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan

17th February - 18th March 2010
Only on VisualContainerTV

VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special Monography about BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan (SLO) on the first birthday of VisualcontainerTV.
From february09, VisualcontainerTv had hosted a lot of International videoart festival and International videoart project and monography, so VisualcontainerTv on his birthday is glad to presents a solo show about BridA, with a special first night of “Nanobug” 2010.

About the premiere of “Nanobug”
BridA / Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, 2010

For this video we used a special technique that gives the video a particularly dynamic feel, even if the characters are not moving. We can see and read the video like a comic. The only animation is the creation of the figures itself. The images are created by the sand and this is a tribute to the known physical property of nanoparticles called ‘self-assembly’.
The story is about a bald man who doesn’t have any arms. He meets with a friend who recommends that he visit a Nano Lab where the nano scientist will help him. Using nanotechnology, the nano scientist makes the armless man’s dream a reality and he gets arms. He is really happy but the next day he is back to the Nano Lab asking for something more, he wants to surprise to his girlfriend with a new haircut! But something goes wrong and he comes out with six hands, like an insect. His girlfriend gets scared and she runs away. Now he is sad and is asking himself what happened. The science and technology can help us to solve some problems and disease but misuse can end with undesirable effects.

How big is your heart ? - 0:36, 2009

This video is a question of responsibility and awareness about risks of such a new technology as Nanotechnology. Who will have advantages and privileges?
Do we have enough consensus and auto criticism?

Layers - 2:29. 2008
Video is comprised of multiple layers that merge together and create a different picture of time and space. A drive with car through the city and a choice of different directions in crossroads opens the eternal questions o alternatives in life that constantly appear and a lot of times two different paths brings us to the same final point

Lunch break - 19:53, 2008

Is the research of time and space in multiple layers of sound, image and
apparently boring everyday situations. Layers that are usually completely mixed in videos can be red in this case individually. A new story is being built. Authors of the video are same time main characters of the video and doing so we have put ourselves in the same unstable and chaotic situation.

Nanopill - 0:38 , 2009
Nanopil is a short animated video created for the project supported by the EC Time For Nano. This is a project about communicating of an emerging technology like nanotechnology, mainly to the young generation. The main question is about new possibilities and also about risks of a such new technology which will probably have a great impact on our future life.

Nanoplot - 2:09, 2009
In Nanoplot a plotter, an obsolete printing machine from the Eighties, has been adapted to an uncommon operation. The robotic hand of the machine and the noise it makes while working become a paradoxical scenery, an ambiguous world evoked by technology. At the same time, the plotter - normally used for technical drawings - becomes a performer, telling a story and giving it its own peculiar rhythm and time. In this fictional world, the two characters of the story talk about nano particles as their living space. They don’t understand the situation, apparently they have been created by chance and for a very short time. Nanoplot is an attempt to explore, with unusual means, a still unknown space-time dimension: the nano world. This world is made of particles that can be manipulated only using special microscopes (such as the Scanning Tunneling Microscope STM, or the Atomic Force Microscope AFM) with a needle as big as a carbon molecule and able to move nano particles.

Radioteleskop - 9:40, 2008
A look through the window of a telescope, based in Irbene (Ventspils, Latvia) in a deserted Nordic landscape gives a feeling of a physical distance , that we intensify while we film people as observers. We didn’t understand very well their language and their culture but still their messages were very expressive and clear to us. There was no need to ask any questions to people that we have met. They talked and talked and it seemed everyone had their own story already prepared and waiting for someone to listen to it.

Viktor - 2:33, 2007
Video Viktor is yet another gathering of contrasts that are very typical for this land on Baltic coast. In the background there is a heavy industry, oil terminals, etc.. in the front there is a wish for creativity and freedom , both merged with a memories of younger history that people remember with mixed emotions.
Karosta, a former soviet, secret military town, a place that we visited as resident artists in July 2007 is full of creative energy.

About BridA
BridA / Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan - was created in 1996, when its members were studying at the Venice Academy.
Since then the BridA has developed a series of top-level artistic projects at an international level. It questions the artistic contents and researches the contemporary society with the help of art and science.
Eight year later the Borderpass project travels the world eight times: from Venice to New York, back to Europe in Dresden and then in Australia.

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