• Deadline:
    June 30, 2002, midnight

NO RESPECT will be a temporary public art exhibition which asks artists to respond to projects by international artists in Ireland which were never successfully realised. Eight artists will work in collaboration with the curators to make new work based on an historical art object, event or proposal.

This exhibition is NOT an open submission exhibition but the curators would like to hear from artists who may be interested in the concept. We are already in discussions with several artists but are still open to new artists. A BRIEF initial idea, response or proposal can be emailed to either Alan Phelan or Jane Speller over the next month. We will review these ideas and request more detailed proposals and documentation. Final decisions will be made in late June when we will have a clearer idea of the budget in response to grant applications.

Please DO NOT send large email attachments of image files. We are more interested in an exchange of ideas and thoughts at present. Thank you.

This site also begins an archive of images and essays from annual exhibitions starting in 1996 organised and curated by OutArt. The catalogues published for each exhibition were given away free of charge and as a result only a few remain from some years. All the texts from the catalogues will eventually be posted to the site.